Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Troubleshooting Ipad Apps in the Classroom

Has your Ipad app lost sound?  We are excited to have many new Ipads in our classrooms this year.  From a tech standpoint, that means more IT support.  Over the past several weeks, I have had many students come down to the media center, Ipad in hand, with an app with  no sound.  In my first encounter, I did some basic troubleshooting.  I made sure the Ipad had sound by recording a short video using the camera app and replaying.  There was sound, which meant it was something within the app.  I checked settings within the app to no avail.  I did the basic shutdown, made sure the app was closed, and reopened to still find no sound.  I finally resorted to calling Apple's support line, still only hearing that it was probably something within the app and we might need to contact their support line.  After a few minutes on Google, I found the fix in an online Apple forum.  I discovered that when some apps lose their sound, it has something to do with the Orientation/Mute toggle switch above the volume on the side of the Ipad.  In most of our issues, we have found the fix to be simply to open the app in question and toggle the switch. This will restore the sound within the app and the students are quickly back to work!  Happy troubleshooting!

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