Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon

Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon
As an elementary librarian, I am asked quite often for David Shannon books.  He is a popular author of children's picture books, but the kids seem to favor his books with his most-popular David character.  One of my favorites is Bad Case of Stripes.  Camilla Cream, the main character, loves lima beans.  She will not eat them, however, because she is afraid of what other kids might think of her. 

I love teachable moments, and I cannot tell you how many of those moments are talking to students about the importance of being true to yourself and embracing our differences.  This story takes this lesson to the next level and really allows for some great discussions, especially with some of the older students.  We recently had a Book Character parade at our school, and I took the opportunity to share this book with as many of our students as possible.  The kids got such a kick out of it.  My husband woke up 45 minutes early that day to help me "get into character," shaking his head the whole time!!  It was so much fun.  As I popped in and out of classrooms that day, we read the story, making predictions along the way and discovering new vocabulary words like "contagious."  In one of the child development classes, after discussing "contagious," the classroom teacher wanted a photo of the kids with me.  One child was so cute, saying "Do I have to stand beside her?  What if I get sick too?"  They are too precious!  If looking for a good read-aloud with a good lesson, Bad Case of Stripes is your pick.  Happy Reading!!

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