Wednesday, October 12, 2011

TITLEWAVE | Follett Library Resources app for Iphone

Remember a few weeks ago when I raved about the new Titlewave app for Iphones?  As a librarian, it is just too convenient!  I went to Disney last week with my family and was able to enjoy many educational centers with my kids.  There we were checking out this really scary-looking tarantula and I looked over and spotted a children’s book called Harry the Tarantula.  It was the cutest book so I was thinking… wouldn’t it be great to purchase this title for our Media Center?  My handy Titlewave app made this task so simple.  So many of the displays included books of interest to elementary-age students.  It was too easy to pull out my Iphone, scan the barcodes on the books my kids could not put down,  and quickly add the titles to a new Disney list I created on my Titlewave account.  How cool is that…and the books are already ordered!  Apps are the future!

TITLEWAVE | Follett Library Resources

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